The Vision of EarthSkyLab


I looked at my hands today in my dream – it was not easy but I did and I could see them, the wrinkles, the skin, the shape and then I pushed them against the Sun and the Sun was bright and shining through my fingers. I looked straight up and woke up ecstatic. – E Emets

EarthSkyLab came to me as a vision. I woke up one day and knew that I am going to start a community. I did not know why or how, but I knew this is what I need to do. In my vision I was shown a magnificent celebration, many guests coming to join. A bus driver was going around and picking them one by one and arriving with new group of people every time. Finally he arrived again and there was no one on the bus apart from himself. I was looking for the meaning of this in my vision. He looked at me, stepped down and joined us as well. He was the last human and he was joining us!

We celebrated beyond time and space in a place, which reflected all the beauty and magic – each of us and everyone was finally HOME. I was integrating this experience for many days and the only way I could verbalise this was COMMUNITY. This was not the first time when I heard that word, but it was the first time when I thought about what it means and what it means particularly in my life.

I started thinking who I can share this vision with, and who can be part of the group of people to bring this vision into the world. I sat and meditated and asked for guidance to show me a partner who is capable of making this happen and who is ready. I saw Victor and thought it was impossible – he was living in Japan at that time, on the opposite side of the world and seemed to be a very unlikely candidate. I had to surrender and wait.

A few months later I met with Victor in London – we spoke about our visions for Community and felt there was incredible resemblance and resonance in our visions. We joined our lives and decided to start a community together.

After months of focusing on making the vision clear and precise we have published it in the form of a set of Questions, Values, Ideas and Research Topics and are sharing it with the greater community of people, inviting all of you to feel what community means in your life and how each of the aspects we have identified in our vision resonate with you.