Continuum Concept book by Jean Liedloff

‘Continuum Concept’ message is for everyone. It talks about basic nature’s principle, which cannot and should not be violated, but often is. At the core of it – our most vulnerable time of live when we are least aware and least inclined to even work with that awareness – from birth through infancy to childhood when we are looked after by our parents and family members. ‘Continuum Concept’ looks at the essential human necessity of satisfying our needs for bonding, love, being cuddled and being close to another body.

Modern western civilization has turned many concepts upside down and certainly “upgraded” knowledge of how we should look afte the children when they come into this world. The author’ arguements are based on her experience living in Yequana tribe show that the reasoning of the civilized world of bringing up obedient persons by making them do what we want, leaving them crying, conditioning them into certain patterns of behaviour achieve a completely opposite effect. As it goes against many nature’s systems embedded in complex biological mechanisms it creates deeply rooted limitations and negative effects in one’s life. Experiences which come later in one’s live are based on the expectations and habits formed during the first years of life.

Jean Liedloff explains how roots of a lot of destructive emotions like fear, resentment, lack of sense of worth, poor boundaries, addictions and so on – all can be found in under-loved, under-cuddled, under-touched infants – resulting in broken continuum.

This book is a life-changing read and certainly is not only a practical guidance for looking after a newly born, but a greater view on human relationships from a compassionate place, where we are capable of seeing in each other that child left to cry alone, or made to do something that was not his or her choice, or not trusted the innate wisdom and sense of self-preservation, or deprived of touch and attention. I can recognize that baby in myself. I see that baby in you. Many of us have to consciously practice all life in order to restore continuum to become whole again ourselves, harmonize with society, nature, to be hopefully able to nourish continuum into the next generation.