Free To Learn’ by Peter Gray

Could we ever imagine life could be a different game? Life could actually be a playful, enjoyable, fun endevour full of explorations, revelations, great adventures and learnings? Imagine you could go and learn anything right now, what would you do? Do you have a dream of learning something – which has been gradually postponed until distant future? And this distant future of course never comes. What has been stopping you? We have been brought up to believe we have to know one thing very well and function within its boundary. ‘Free to Learn’ book gives a great perspective on an alternative to schooling – a way to live and learn playfully with self-directed motovation. It is about unschooling children but in a broader sense it is also about finding a way to unschool adults. In the context of EarthSkyLab ‘Free to Learn’ book is essential read for those who are passionate about giving kids freedom to learn useful skills right now and to follow their passion whatever it might be at any given age. The principle of free to learn allow to try various things early and fail without the judgement of the system. Peter Gray gives a perspective on what free to learn actually is, focusing on how rather than what, focusing on understanding why we make certain choices and how we draw effective conclusion from the experience we had following these choices. It offers parents to consider instrumental, shifting paradigm about education and learning from rules to principles. It perceives children as little wise creatures who know best what is good for them and benefit from intuitively following their innate drivers. And if we extend this thought further, it allows adults to consider themselves as wise creatures who can never stop learning. This book is a treasure because it pushes to look at learning through learner’s eyes and not through the eyes of the system. As shocking as it might seem to let go of familiar schooling systems, ‘Free to Learn’ offers a much more holistic and focused driven way to make use of our creativity instead of surpressing it.