A New Kind of Village

A home for independent creative professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, craftsmen, designers, software developers.

what is EarthSkyLab?

Modern Life in community & nature.

EarthSkyLab re-imagines how we live and work together. Combining the best of modern life with the peace & joy of living in a house you own, surrounded by nature, friends and a thriving, creative, community.

Creativity is the moving force of life. It is not only the domain of artists and creative workers, but any individual to fully realise their potential,  through the balance of achievements and success and sense  of fulfilment and wisdom in one’s life journey.  

We collaborate to build and maintain the village, it’s commons and it’s culture.

Village members freely collaborate on projects for fun and for income.
EarthSkyLab collaborates globally with like minded  villages and networks.

We believe in freedom to learn and lifelong learning.

The village supports the children and youth in their democratic/self-directed/free learning.

Members naturally support each other sharing knowledge and as mentors & coaches.


a Healthier, Happier Life.

Life in nature, surrounded by trees, mountains, springs & wildlife.

Enriching life in a thriving, creative, collaborative, supportive village.

A balanced life, with time for friends, nature, community and creativity.

Your own home without the burden of long-term debt.

A deep connection with a culturally flourishing local community.

Nature & space for our children to roam freely, a supportive community for them to grow up in.

Why now?

How is it possible?

the Internet brings…

a New Era of work

Ubiquitous availability of nearly free global real-time multimedia communication has given birth to a new era of work. With online markets, remote work and distributed companies, physical location is becoming unimportant for many professions.

Entrepreneurs, artists, designers craftsmen, everywhere have equal access to global markets. Independent professionals today are building global collaborations of a kind which was only possible for large corporations just 20 years ago.

a new era of

Connection, Learning, & Play

The Internet makes available information, news, entertainment, shopping equally to anyone anywhere.

The growth of online education means the same is happening for learning.

Today a remote village with a fast internet is just as plugged into the pulse of modern life as any metropolis.

Have you got enough of life in a tiny room in a shared house for ridiculous amount of money?

Have you thought about building a better lifestyle by moving to a warm country?

What will it be?

What are we building?

Intentional Community

EarthSkyLab is an intentional community meaning we consciously strive to create a strong spirit of community in the village.


Homes are owned by families but all the land belongs to the community cooperative. We share the garden, workshops, co-working space, children’s spaces, food forest and more.

Global Network

EarthSkyLab joins a global network of like-minded projects & villages. We exchanging knowledge and learn from each other.

This network gives our children an expanded horizon, a global outlook, and a worldwide network of peers.

Gardening not Farming

Supporting the local economy

EarthSkyLab is a village of professionals dedicated to their careers & passions. We love to work in the garden but we are not professional farmers. The garden is a hobby and a community cultural centre not an attempt at food sufficiency. We want to support the local farming community by buying local products.

Long term vision…

An Entrepreneurship, Artistic Hub

As EarthSkyLab develops and our businesses grow we envision the village becoming a local entrepreneurship & artistic hub creating employment in the area, spreading the knowledge how to live a modern life in a village locally and globally.


Festivals & festivities bond the community. We will build a rich cycle of celebrations linked to astronomical and human cycles rather than any existing traditions. We celebrate the seasons, births, members entering the community & etc.

We intend to create meaningful experiences which transform the individual and create deep community bonds.


We create harmony in our own life by balancing individual elements to live a happier and more holistic lifestyle. Similarly sense of harmony is integral for a healthy life within a collective.
We support principle of the balance of head, heart and hands in our personal lives and in collective experience.

Empathic Communication

Healthy communication is essential for healthy community.

Empathic (Non Violent Communication) gives us a basis for the deep & meaningful communication needed to create a thriving community.


Gratitude keeps perception clear. A culture of gratitude builds community connection. Gratitude creates a basis for personal and community psychological health. Gratitude is the basis of happiness.

Building on a sound basis

Life Long

Free Learning

Unschooling students learn through their natural life experiences including play, household responsibilities, personal interests and curiosity, internships and work experience, travel, books, elective classes, family, mentors, and social interaction. Unschooling encourages exploration of activities initiated by the children themselves since the more personal learning is, the more meaningful, well-understood and therefore useful it is.


Ecological design


In designing the garden and the land we draw upon the wisdom of Permaculture to create a sustainable and healthy village.
Thinking carefully about the way we use our resources – food, energy, shelter to get much more out of life by using & doing less, reaping benefits for our environment and ourselves, for now and for generations to come.

Designing an ecologically sound way of living, cooperating with nature and caring for the earth and people.


Beautiful village

Natural Building

EarthSkyLab is going to be a village of beautiful homes harmoniously integrated into the landscape.
We are excited by the beauty, potential for community-based construction and the low environmental impact of natural building.
The construction of each building a celebration, a source of joy & village culture.


Planning the village

Axis Mundi

In 2015 we launched Axis Mundi, a project to envision a design for EarthSkyLab – a human-scale village for the 21st century including the homes, workshops and shared spaces, the community garden and food forest.

The outcome of this project will be a coherent pattern language for EarthSkyLab guiding all members when they design their homes to ensure we create a beautiful, harmonious village.



We are inspired by the long history of human life in community.

homo sapiens the

hunter gatherer

Our species we spent the first 95% of its existence living in small closely-knit egalitarian communities. These early human groups were not tribal chiefdoms but were egalitarian and consensus based, giving high autonomy to children and youth.

ancient greece

epicurean communities

In 4th century B.C. Greece we have the first recorded exit out of the city. Started by the philosopher Epicurus was a community movement centred on his principles for good life: friends living together, focusing on fulfilling work, finding calm through rational analysis and insight.
Hundreds of communities existed all around the Mediterranean and thrived for generations.


20th century


In the mid twentieth century a new movement of rural community building has emerged centred around the principles of environmental sustainability. Thousands of eco-villages have been established around the world. This movement has built up a rich body of knowledge on intentional community building.


Inspiring projects

Do you dream of a creative life surrounded by nature and friends in a beautiful village?


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Imagine… If we were friends and neighbours…
Imagine… Collaborating and Creating together…
Imagine… Building a beautiful village…
creating beauty, wealth and happiness together
Imagine… A balance of nature and technology…
A balance of local and global …
A balance of young and old
A balance of head heart and hands.

Imagine, living a thriving, authentic life.

Let’s create a new kind of village
designed for us

Let’s create a balanced life
designed by us

A bountiful community garden
a forest outside your window
Children learning and playing together
and fast internet, of course!

Let’s create a culture of celebration
our own festivals
building community
expressing gratitude.